Chloe and Isabel Earrings

Chloe and Isabel Earrings

Like I have mentioned before, I have my own online boutique. I was very tiny when I started wearing earrings. I think it is a cultural thing, but I would always wear gold earrings. When I got older I wanted to explore and try new earrings. My mom told me that i couldn’t because I was allergic. I wanted to try things for my own, and so I did. My little stubborn self realized that, yes indeed I was allergic. It was a bummer because gold earrings are so expensive and there is not much to choose from.

Earlier this year I came across Chloe and Isabel. Their jewelry is life time guarantee, hypoallergenic free, and nickel safe. I became a Campus Merchandiser. I was a little scared to try on earrings because I knew i was extremely sensitive. But earlier this week I received these from my boutique, and I knew I had to wear them (too cute to resist). So the following day I did wear them. I was pleasantly surprised because they didn’t irritate my ears. Well anything on my ears makes them sensitive but they did the same as gold earrings. I am so happy to have a boutique where women can find quality jewelry for their sensitive skin! Visit my online boutique and shop away!

Have Hope Always,


P.s. If you’re a guy reading this, women love Chloe and Isabel! Get something for your love, and i guarantee she will fall head over heels. Plus it is great quality and comes in the cutest packaging! (If you need help picking things out, I can help).

Happy Valentine’s Day


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