Winter Collection

Hello everyone, I am obsessed with the new winter collection! If you haven’t already check my boutique out! Don’t forget all Chloe and Isabel Jewelry has Lifetime Guarantee. If you want style advice, or gift ideas, feel free to email … Continue reading


I have always wanted to be in the fashion industry, like many other girls my age. I love designing visual displays of products and making people feel confident in their fashion. I am a campus merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel. They often have trips to New York city, but i have always felt like it is almost impossible for me to win the trip (winner is determined by sales). But today I woke up inspired. With the Semi-annual sale, many of you can purchase amazing jewelry for a great price. Plus if you do shop at my online boutique I can always provide style tips, or gift ideas.

Help me accomplish my goals and help many other women feel empowered by feeling amazing. Following your goals is a team effort. Let me know what your dreams are, and how I can help. I always have inspiration so I would be more than happy to help.

Have Hope Always,


Summer Must haves: New collection


So excited for this new collection. I am so excited to show you guys some of the must haves for summer!

Lets get started!

To begin, this Casa Blanca statement necklace is essential to glam up a casual outfit. It will look great paired up with a white shirt and a sun hat. 



Next, this earrings are great to show off some color. Turquoise is a great color for the summer and it is also very cheery. 




Another great long necklace by chloe and Isabel is to die for! 


Visit my online boutique today! http://www.chloeandisabel/boutique/fullofhope 

You can also contact me if you want to do an online pop up to get some of these for free. 

Questions about styling? ask me !


Have Hope Always, 



Tips for living a positive life

Hello everyone,

I woke up and decided to check some youtube videos. I love researching on Positivity! I know that there is so many people who don’t believe in living a positive life. But I am willing to challenge you. Implement these things life for a month, and let me know how it goes.

1. When you wake up write at least 10 things you are grateful. (big or small)

2. Remember the law of attraction. When you have a bad thought change it! Think of something else.

3. Love yourself. Write down at least three things you love about yourself.

4. Write a letter to yourself at the end of each week mentioning all the things you are proud of, and plans for the coming weeks. At the end of the month read them all. You’ll be surprised.

5. Look at yourself in the mirror before heading out. Don’t focus on body image. Instead focus on your eyes. Say your favorite positive affirmation while looking directly into them.

6. Write in sticky notes and place them in different, random places to cheer you up.

7. Set your phone with reminders like “smile” “you are beautiful” “keep going gorgeous” when you think you will need them the most.

8. Do random acts of kindness

9. Clean your surrounding space.

10. Tell people you love them.

11. Smile at strangers

12. Fake it until you make it.

13. Listen to motivational music.

14. jump, jump, jump, and smile. (I know it sounds silly but do it)

15. Before you go to bed, remind yourself again for the things you are grateful. And Smile going to bed.


I hope you guys can participate in this challenge and see for yourself how your life can change. Remember don’t give up. Actually give these things a try for a month. Let me know how things are going.



Have Hope Always,


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hello everyone, 

Mother’s Day is around the corner and for those of you who still need to get a gift for you mom, wife, grandma, here you go! 

(all of these things can be purchased on my online boutique)










Have Hope Always, 


New Spring Collection

Happy Spring everyone!

Spring is so beautiful and I’m so deeply in love with the new collection. There is such a big deal right now on the stud earrings. Stud earrings are such a simple and perfect way to make your simple outfits fashionable without a lot of effort.







-worn 12k gold-plated
-nickel-free plating
-0.35″ + 0.5″ approx. widths
-stainless steel post

*Do not forget that all Chloe and Isabel Jewelry is Lifetime Guarantee.*

Visit my Online boutique to get yours today.

Comment below if you want to see outfits inspired by the new Studs, or hairstyles to with them. If you do get them (which you should while they’re still on sale) please send me your pictures on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #chloeandisabelbymaribel . Your pictures can be posted on the future post for stud inspiration hair and outfits. Don’t forget you can also always contact me for styling tips.

Have Hope Always,

Maribel Mercado

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

So there are tons of green smoothies available. There are some that go over board with greens that do not taste very pleasant. I don’t want my mornings to start off on a bad note. So I have tried a simpler version of a green smoothie so I can actually look forward to drinking one!

I use the Nutribullet to blend all the ingredients. Personally I love this bad boy! I do think that it is worth the money because it is very simple to use and the size is perfect for a small kitchen or to put away. Plus I can drink my smoothie right after blending it without having to put it in a different cup.

I have seen the Nutribullet the cheapest at Costco. At least in the Bay Area. It is worth a try to check different locations for different prices.

So here is what I put in mine :

-Handful of spinach
-1/4 cup of water
-half a banana
-half a Granny Smith Apple
-1/3 of a Granny Smith Apple
-1/3 of a pear
(still with the spinach, water, and banana)

*The banana is key to make it a bit sweeter and take off the spinach taste*

You can also add Chia Seeds, which fill you up.

Big Dreams

It is crazy to think your wildest dreams can come true. But guess what? They can! I don’t know what happens to some of us that we stop having hope. But propose a challenge. Believe that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. It is unbelievable how inspired and determined you can become after thinking this way.

I always want to be involved with fashion somehow, and I have the opportunity to do so with my own Chloe and Isabel Boutique. I love the fact that I feel in control of what I do. Creativity runs wild, when it comes to running my own business. Earlier this month I did a mini photo shoot and It felt great. That was just one wild dream come true, and it happened because I said “why not?”.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting one of the most amazing ladies ever. She was a very dedicated nurse who retired at age 71 because she wanted to make sure the person replacing her was the absolute best. She was loved by all her patients. As a nurse in the oncology department, she started Christmas parties for her sick patients and her parents. Now it is a tradition that every year is done at that hospital. She mentioned to me that you don’t only treat the patient, you treat the whole family. How amazing of her to do so, when it is so incredibly hard to comfort a family with a sick child. From experience I can say these people like the nurse I and many in the giving professions must want to be able to help. From the bottom of their heart their dream must be big. Big dreams of being able to make a difference in society. Dream big, and spark the light of someone after you. The job is not done until it is done right, so there should be no regrets. Life is filled with possibilities and we must remember to make giving one of them.

It sounds crazy to think theres people who bake for their neighbors every week, and knits clothes for underprivileged newborns after a stroke, but the nurse I met did. She kept saying she had a wonderful life, and partly was because she had big dreams and she made them happen. Helping others is what kept her going, and that made her utterly happy.


Whatever it is that you want to do, make sure it is big. Make sure that you aim high. So when you look back you know you tried; you left a footprint in this world that will be remembered.


Have Hope Always,



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