Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

So there are tons of green smoothies available. There are some that go over board with greens that do not taste very pleasant. I don’t want my mornings to start off on a bad note. So I have tried a simpler version of a green smoothie so I can actually look forward to drinking one!

I use the Nutribullet to blend all the ingredients. Personally I love this bad boy! I do think that it is worth the money because it is very simple to use and the size is perfect for a small kitchen or to put away. Plus I can drink my smoothie right after blending it without having to put it in a different cup.

I have seen the Nutribullet the cheapest at Costco. At least in the Bay Area. It is worth a try to check different locations for different prices.

So here is what I put in mine :

-Handful of spinach
-1/4 cup of water
-half a banana
-half a Granny Smith Apple
-1/3 of a Granny Smith Apple
-1/3 of a pear
(still with the spinach, water, and banana)

*The banana is key to make it a bit sweeter and take off the spinach taste*

You can also add Chia Seeds, which fill you up.