Tips for living a positive life

Hello everyone,

I woke up and decided to check some youtube videos. I love researching on Positivity! I know that there is so many people who don’t believe in living a positive life. But I am willing to challenge you. Implement these things life for a month, and let me know how it goes.

1. When you wake up write at least 10 things you are grateful. (big or small)

2. Remember the law of attraction. When you have a bad thought change it! Think of something else.

3. Love yourself. Write down at least three things you love about yourself.

4. Write a letter to yourself at the end of each week mentioning all the things you are proud of, and plans for the coming weeks. At the end of the month read them all. You’ll be surprised.

5. Look at yourself in the mirror before heading out. Don’t focus on body image. Instead focus on your eyes. Say your favorite positive affirmation while looking directly into them.

6. Write in sticky notes and place them in different, random places to cheer you up.

7. Set your phone with reminders like “smile” “you are beautiful” “keep going gorgeous” when you think you will need them the most.

8. Do random acts of kindness

9. Clean your surrounding space.

10. Tell people you love them.

11. Smile at strangers

12. Fake it until you make it.

13. Listen to motivational music.

14. jump, jump, jump, and smile. (I know it sounds silly but do it)

15. Before you go to bed, remind yourself again for the things you are grateful. And Smile going to bed.


I hope you guys can participate in this challenge and see for yourself how your life can change. Remember don’t give up. Actually give these things a try for a month. Let me know how things are going.



Have Hope Always,



Goal Accomplishment by stress equilibrium

Yesterday night I check my grades and I saw that I got Straight A’s this Winter quarter! It was such a great way to end on a positive note. There were nights through the quarter that I was a little stressed (okay a lot!) but it is absolutely normal to feel that way. What i always remind myself to do is to help myself. Even if you have a hectic lifestyle, if you want to remain sane and happy you need to help yourself. So I found myself taking more time to relieve stress, and celebrate the good small goals along the way. Remember that if you overwhelm yourself you might crash. And we don’t want that! So here are a few tips to maintain stress a little bit so you can accomplish your goals!


1. Always add cushion time (15 minutes)

I know I feel more stressed running late so I make sure that arrive places 15 minutes early. I know that this is not always possible but for appointments and important events maybe even work try to get there early just in case of an emergency. If you plan to get there early even if there is traffic, or you forget something at home if you add cushion time then you’ll be less stressed. Plus it doesn’t hurt to get there a little early. You can come in confident knowing you have things under control! Of course you can add a longer cushion time depending on your lifestyle and schedule. Keep in mind “You’re late if you’re on time”. 

2. Have extras just for back ups

There have been many times where you run late and try to print a paper but you can’t. Yes thats right, you ran out of ink! Been there done that. So stressful! I have learned the hard way to make sure you have back ups always. Especially with ink. However there are several things you should also have extras just in case:

-pens/pencils: keep one in your bag, and car

-Hand sanitizers: keep one in every bag/backpack and one in car

-Scantrons (for those of you in college, Always!)

-Lady stuff (Whatever you need in every bag) 

-Bags(If you live in the Bay Area, you need to bring your own bags to the grocery store or else you will have to buy them.) Just keep several in your car.

-Enough pills (If you take medication)

-Ibuprofen (just in case you get sick and can’t run out to the store really quickly) You can keep this at home just make sure you have some. Throw away the container when it is all gone so you don’t mistakenly think you have some and turns out you don’t. 


*I also keep a little First aid kit in my car* (I got mine at Target for like 97 cents)


3. When in doubt write stuff down

I like to write stuff down in my agenda, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone. For sure, keep a calendar. Wether it is electronically or actual paper so you can know what is coming next. I also have a white board where I write down my top priorities for each day so I know what needs to get done as soon as possible. Plus it is very reassuring knowing you wrote it down so you don’t depend so much on your memory (false memory does exist). 

4. Take care of your well being

-Eat a well balanced meal


-Drink plenty of water

-try yoga: Honestly you don’t need to go to a class to learn, there are plenty of good youtube videos that can help you, or try Pinterest where there are detailed poses you can try. I recommend both, yoga is so beneficial. Plus it helps if you are an athlete too. Trust me you will sweat. DO NOT underestimate yoga. 

-Practice Mindfulness: I will have a post dedicated to mindfulness soon. Basically keep your thoughts in the present. Easier said then done but once you practice it you will feel a lot more relaxed. 

-Meditate: It doesn’t have to be long, it can be short too. 

-Sleep: Sleep is mandatory and treat it like if it was just as important as any other appointment. You need to rest! 


All these tips can be implemented in your everyday life. You however have to be willing to take the time to do them. Have discipline and remember that YOU are important and YOU must take care of yourself. Goals are very important, but keep in mind in order to accomplish them you need the best possible YOU can be.

Have Hope Always, 


Running motivation

Many people want to begin running as an everyday thing. Many of them however, don’t. Motivation is a big factor to starting and continuing. I have been a runner practically my whole life. Since I played soccer (midfielder) running was absolutely mandatory. Running is not only for the fast runners, or the super fit. Running is for everyone! All you need is motivation and you will learn so much from it. 

These are some running tips I use:

1. Make a “pump it up” Playlist: Music is a great way to hype up the energy. I really like to start of by listening to some of my favorite happy songs that really make me feel motivated to be “on top of the world”. I think many people have those songs where they feel really good after listening to them. Those are the ones you should add to the “pump it up” playlist. 

some of my favorite songs on my “pump it up” playlist include:

– “On top of the World” Imagine Dragons

-“Demons” Imagine Dragons 

-“I won’t give up” Jason Mraz

-“Let it go” Demi Lovato 

-“It’s Time” Imagine Dragons

-“Good Life” One Republic 

-“Culo” Pitbull 

-“Vivir mi Vida” Mark Anthony 

* The last song is in spanish but either way it has a great beat and rhythm to it that I am sure will make many happy. So give it a try! 

2. Wear work out clothes you like

Wearing clothes that you like makes you feel confident and even more motivated to go out and pass by people with your happy self. Even if you don’t have your dream body, remember that your letting the world know you are confident to go out and run because you are working towards that goal. If you learn to be confident to work out in the body you have right now you will go out there and actually work out! I really enjoy wearing fitted running pants because I feel like I look better after every run. Thats just me so figure out what works for you. 

3. Endurance should be your first goal

Many people get caught up on the milage, but in order to get there you must have endurance. Endurance gives you motivation because each time you want to do a little more. Just push yourself a little and that is how you build endurance. Soon you will get to where you want to be. 

Running is such a great way to relieve some stress and really feel good about yourself. The important thing is to stay healthy and happy. 

Have Hope Always, 



Another Happy Day

Sometimes life hits you hard and you feel like everything will continue to be negative. For many it is like a snowball effect. It keeps rolling getting bigger and bigger. The snowball effect works either way though; for negative thoughts and positive ones. If something negative comes along, be strong. No that does not mean to hide your feelings. Show them! Get the strength from those awful feelings! Don’t like being sad? Then get angry at sadness. If you don’t want to feel like that again you don’t have to! Use that anger to be happy. Tell yourself you will not let another negative event or thought take over. Let positive energy be the product of the anger towards your sadness. Yes be mad that sadness can take over like that. You wouldn’t want anyone you don’t like to invade your house so why would you want sadness to invade your body, mind, heart.. Only you know how strong you truly are. Believe in that strength you once used to pick yourself up. Take that strength and take it wherever you go. Hold on to it, and treasure it. That my friend will take you everywhere you want go. It will take you to happiness. Let yourself be carried through life as the strong person it has taught you to be. 

Have Hope Always,